Lunch Club

2nd Wednesday of the month @12.30pm


The Club was started 6 months after the church opened its doors for the first time and we have only missed one month in all those years (due to appalling weather). We usually have about 30-50 guests, both male and female, mostly elderly and four over 90 years of age. Not all worship at our church and some are not yet Christians, but all seem to appreciate an opportunity to share a meal, to chat with friends and just “get out the house for a change”. They come from north, south, east and west of Amesbury. Most people make their way here, but we can provide transport whenever it is necessary.

Over the years we have enjoyed listening to 226 different after-lunch speakers enlightening us about the work of various organizations such as Mission to Seamen, Gypsies, Lepers, addicts, the deaf and the blind, as well as subjects as diverse as gardening, family history, bereavement and Bible translations. A number of Army Chaplains and Ministers from other denominations have spoken to us and we have listened enraptured to tales from Africa, India and South America give by the missionaries on Home Leave.

Many speakers have given personal testimonies of miraculous healings and of God’s intervention and goodness in their lives.

Anyone is welcome to attend and if you have any questions please get in touch with Kitty Boxall or Ivor Morgan.



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