Amesbury Baptist Church is self-financing and as is usual with Baptist Churches, does not receive any money from a central source.

We need to pay for the salary and expenses of our Pastor, for the upkeep and running of the church building, as well as the costs of putting on the regular activities of the church.

At the Sunday service, a collection bag is circulated for people to donate money by cash or cheque.  Many people also choose to donate by standing order through their banks, which is a very efficient way of giving.

It is a personal choice on how much to donate, but a guideline amount has traditionally been 10% of income (a ‘tithe’).

To maximise the donation, we encourage people to ‘gift aid’ their contribution.  This is free to the individual, but means valuable extra finance for the church – this is for taxpayers only.  Please contact our Treasurer for more details.

Amesbury Baptist Church tithes 10% of its income to causes needing assistance (home and international mission).