No Sermons online until our building is released.

Live video of our services will only become visible once we have started our live stream feed. This is usually at 10:15 am every Sunday (UK time). Just as a note that during this time, we might mute the sound and blank the screen for copyright reasons.



No video is showing, even after the start time

It you can’t see the stream on this page, you can view the live stream from our Youtube Channel. It might also be that your browser may be out of date. You can click here to update to a new browser, which will enable the stream to show on this page.

I would like to watch a past service, in full

To watch recent services in full, you can head to our YouTube channel.

I would like to watch live and chat/add comments at the same time

You can view our live services and chat directly from our YouTube channel.

I would like to watch a talk/talk series online

All our sermon series are available on Apple Podcasts and directly from our YouTube channel.