About Us

Our Story

Amesbury Baptist Church began when four couples (two civilian and two military) started meeting as a home group in Amesbury in January 1991 having had a vision of founding a church in the area.

On 3 March 1991, the first service was held in Redworth House Council offices in Amesbury and then on 24 March 1991, 27 people became members at the Covenant of Membership service.

Larger premises were soon needed due to the numbers of people coming along, so services were then held in The Stonehenge School from 1991 to 1997.

In March 1994, planning permission was obtained for a new building, which was to become the home of Amesbury Baptist Church and offer rooms for hire to the community.  The Amesbury Fellowship raised £100,000 towards the building.

The current building opened in 1997 and continues to offer space for worship and fellowship.

Our Mission Statement

“To bring the people of the Amesbury area to a lifelong knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.”