ABC Online Sunday Services

Every Sunday, 10.30am, on Church Online

With the country in lock-down, all the usual services in our church building have stopped…. But that doesn’t mean that church has stopped. With the help of modern technology we’ve been able to bring our Sunday Services into your living rooms.


Join us at a ABC Online Sunday Service

Every Sunday, from 10.30am, our ABC Online Sunday Services our live on YoutTube via the Church Online Network. Watch along with us, and add comments to join in the conversation

You can browse previous services and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up-to-date.

Church services are a chance for us to meet as a community, to give thanks to God for the beauty of creation, to learn from His word to be better kinder people, to know that in an uncertain world, there is a God who is a steady as a rock. We don’t need a building to do any of that.

You’re so welcome to join us.


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